Department of Zoology

Faculty Profile

Name and Qualifications Designation Specialization Experience (in years)
Ms. Aiom P. Shabong M.Sc Selection Grade Lecturer, HOD Cytogenetics 01.06.83
Dr(Ms)Neerja Mishra M.Sc, Ph.D Selection Grade Lecturer Biochemistry and Parasitology 01.07.85
Ms Marvel Rose Jyrwa, M.Sc M.Phil. Selection Grade Lecturer Limnology 02.05.94
Ms Yvonne B Nongrum, M.Sc, NET Lecturer Cell Biology and Immunology 01.06.10
Mr. Liston Marbaniang, M.Sc NET Lecturer Cell Biology and Immunology 01.06.10
Ms Novilista Ryntathiang     01.08.13

Avenues and Prospects:
Zoology graduates enjoy excellent career prospects as after their graduation besides being able to continue for a postgraduate course in the subject itself, they can also opt for a variety of higher studies in other related fields such as Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary Science, Biochemistry, Microbiology. Environmental science, Environmental Management, Forestry, Wild life Science and Conservation, Marine Biology, Oceanography and Coastal Area studies, Industrial fisheries, Fish and Prawn culture, Marine food technology, Sericulture Technology, Forensic Scientists, as ecologists, in teaching etc.