The “Alumni Association of Saint Mary’s College” (AASMC), Shillong came into being on 5th September, 2002 with overwhelming participation of the past pupils of the institution from across the region. The Constitution of the AASMC was adopted on 29th May, 2004 along with a FLAG and a LOGO which is in keeping with the Motto of the association “ENRICHING THE SOURCE”. The constitution  provides for the posts of  President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Assistant General Secretary, Treasurer, Executive members (3) and Co-opted members(2), tenure of the office-bearers being 3 years. Since then, the association has been meeting once a year. From the fourth year of it’s inception, AASMC has been successfully organising an annual FOOD FESTIVAL/CARNIVAL in the college premises with the sole objective of fund raising. The fund thus raised is utilised for meeting the expenses of (an age-old practice of the Institution) the Christmas Party organised for the underprivileged children of the neighbourhood.
To strengthen the AASMC from within so as to ensure it’s proper functioning and fulfillment of it’s visions and objectives, the Internal Alumni Committee was constituted on 16th Dec., 2004 with the incumbent Principal as it’s Chairperson, seven faculty members and two student representatives.

The present office bearers of AASMC are as follows:

President Mrs. N. Warjri
Vice-President Mrs. I.B. Kharsyntiew
General Secretary Mrs. A.R. Sawian
Assistant General Secretary Mrs. R. Lamar
Treasurer Mrs. I.M. Nongbet
Co-opted members Dr. (Sr.) Philomena Kharakor  
Dr. Ms R.D. Dkhar
Ms. S Gill
Executive members Mrs. Tshering Yangi
Ms. Mandakini Basu  
Mrs. Judy Shullai
Mrs. Patricia Mukhim