Discipline And Vigilance Commitee

The Committee oversees the maintenance of discipline, cleanliness in the college, the adherence to the dress code by students and the inculcation of a work and study atmosphere with regards to punctuality, cordiality, respect, etiquette and the presence of a healthy atmosphere within the college by taking stringent action against the use of tobacco and other harmful substances.

The members are

  1. Ms. Irona Nongkynrih (Co-ordinator)
  2. Ms. Toony Gill
  3. Ms. Indari S. Warjri
  4. Ms. Regina Thabor
  5. Ms. Petunia Kharwanlang
  6. Ms. Wanri B. Raqni
  7. MS. Magdalene Syiemlieh
  8. Ms. Theresia Marbaniang
  9. Ms. Supta Bhowmick
  10. Ms. Iasuk Kharumnuid