Department of History

The Department of History came into existence in 1938 with I.A. (Intermediate Arts) Course, which was subsequentially upgraded to the B.A. Pass Course in 1949 and B.A. Honours Course in 1963.

Faculty Profile:


Name and Qualifications Designation Specialization Date of Join
Ms.Magdaline Syiemlieh,M.A.,NET HOD, Senior Grade Lecturer Modern India 15.05.00
Ms.Adella R.Sawian, M.A.,B.Ed.,NET Senior Grade Lecturer Modern India 20.03.03
Ms.Christine Z.Mylliemngap ,M.A.,NET Junior Grade Lecturer History of USA 01.07.08
Ms.Evanjeline Lamare, M.A.,NET,B.Ed.,M.Ed. Junior Grade Lecturer Modern India 01.05.09
Ms. Barbara Khongwir     01.05.05
Ms. Phidari-ing Kharsyntiew     01.05.10

Avenues and Prospects:

Completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in History or History (Honours) is an enriching experience that allow students to study and research the major social, political, cultural and economic events of the pasts thereby offering them quite a wide range of employment and career prospects in different sectors :-

Teaching profession either in schools, colleges or at the university level.
Students of history could also be absorbed in the realms of musicology especially in the Archives Department.
They could also opt for specialization in the field of archaeology for employment prospects with the Archaeological survey of India.
Students could also make use of the subject to compete in competitive exams especially civil service examinations.
History also has bright prospects in the field of the booming Tourism sector.