Add on Certificate Courses

The College has various Add-On Certificate Courses which have been started with the aim of enhancing and enriching the students learning experience in the College and to bring about a more holistic approach to learning as well as to cultivate and develop the necessary skills for various vocations and careers. These courses cater to the various academic and vocational needs of the students.

Sl No
Title of the Course Duration Department Class
1. Computer Awareness Programme (CAP) 3 Weeks Computer Science Class XI, Degree 2nd year
2. Fundamentals of Mathematics 3 Months Mathematics BCA,BCom,BA Eco(H),BSc Chem(H)
3. Certificate Course in Chemistry 3 Months Home Science Home Science 1st year
4. Functional English 3 Months English BA and Bcom 1st Year
5. Career and Personality Development 1 Month Education BA 3rd year
  1. The Department of Computer Science conducts a 20 day certificate course for incoming degree 2nd year and Class XI Students on Office Automation. The course aims to equip the students with basic computer skills.
  2. The Department of Mathematics conducts  a certificate course entitled ‘Fundamentals of Mathematics’ for the duration of 3 months with the aim to familiarize the students about the basics of Plus two level Mathematics. The course is mainly designed for the students who are pursuing studies in BCA, B Com, B.A Economics (H), B Sc Chemistry (H), even though it is open to all the students of the college.
  3. The Department of Home science offers a certificate course in Chemistry for a duration of 3 months for the Degree 1st year Home Science students. The course aims to equip students with deeper knowledge of chemistry, biochemistry and physiology and to bridge the gap especially for students coming from the Arts background who are advancing from the higher secondary course to the degree level.
  4. The Department of English conducts a 3 month course on ‘Functional English ‘for B.A and B Com 1st year students. The objective of the course is to improve the communication skills of the participants so as to help them express themselves effectively in English and equip them with skills necessary for various careers. 
  5. The Department of Education conducts a One month Certificate Course in Career and Personality Development with the aim to prepare the Degree Arts 3rd year students with the knowledge and skills related to their future career.