Department of Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy was established in 1942 with part time teachers. The first full time teacher Ms. J. Deb joined in July 1969 and started teaching B.A. Pass course in Philosophy along with Pre- University Logic courses. From 1996, the Department started the Honours course for Degree students.

Faculty Profile:

Name and Qualifications Designation Specialization Date of Join
Ms.Supta Bhowmick, M.A. HOD IndianPhilosophy 02.07.90
Dr.(Ms.)Indrani Choudhury,M.A.,Ph.D. Selection Grade Lecturer Moral Philosophy and Post Modern Ethics 15.06.94
Ms.Saphimosha W.Blah,M.A.,NET Junior Grade Lecturer CulturalStudies 01.09.05
Mr. Jovi Camadeen War     31.10.13

Avenues and Prospects:

Philosophy is the study of the most fundamental concepts and principles involved in thought, action and reality. It not only throws light on how the history of human thought developed since the pre-Socratic Age to this day, but also focuses on the various possible ways of looking at the world, as well as the individual, his life, his society, morality and religion. A study of such key issues paved the way for great philosophical traditions. Study of such philosophical traditions help a student to develop certain basic skills like problem solving, critical reading and writing, analyzing and organizing ideas in a logical manner and also identifying loop holes in arguments when expressed in language. Equipped with such skills a student can seek employment in various fields like teaching in Higher-Secondary school, college and University level, Journalism, Publication companies, Administrative and Managerial service. (In this connection it may be mentioned that students can opt for philosophy in both Union Public Service Examination and State Public Service Examination).Students can also pursue a career in Legal studies. Interested students can undertake research work in Philosophy for which various national and also international scholarship programmes are available.