Department of Mathematics

Faculty Profile

Name and Qualifications Designation

Area of Specialisation

Experience (in years)
Dr (Ms) Jaya G.Choudhury, M.Sc Ph.D Selection Grade Lecturer, HOD Statistics 12.04.83
Ms Nivedita Chakravorty, M.Sc M.Phil Selection Grade Lecturer Algebra and Mathematics Edn 16.04.86
Ms Rilana Lamar, M.Sc Lecturer Pure Mathematics 15.02.99
Ms.Eldina Mawa     01.08.13
Mr. Splendour R. S. Sawkmie     01.07.14
Mr. Bharat Borah     01.07.14



Avenues and Prospects: 
 The scopes of Mathematics are immense. It is a functional subject for all sciences (subject), technology and also for all analytical model-building activities across a wide range of sectors. The study of the subjects develops a variety of skills, which may include, an analytical and rigorous approach to problem solving, an ability to formulate physical theories in mathematical terms, designing and conducting observational and experimental studies and developing logical thinking power. There are a variety of job options available such as:

  1. Research Scientists in Mathematics.
  2. Operational Researchers.
  3. Aeronautical Engineering
  4. Meteorologist.
  5. Financial risk analyst.
  6. Investment analyst.
  7. Chartered accountants.
  8. Corporate financer.
  9. Market researcher.
  10. Bank jobs/ Banker.