Students’ Feedback Committee

The committee designs a tested feedback module in the form of questionnaires to be filled up by the students, analyses the results and prepares a feedback report with suitable explanations, graphs and so on. Reports are handed over to the respective departments to improve their functioning and also kept in the Library archives for ready reference. It also works with the Student Interactive Academic Committee to chalk out extension activities based on the feedback from the students.

The members are:

1.      Ms. Sarbani Dasgupta (Co-ordinator)

2.      Ms. Barikor Warjri

3.      Ms. Naomi Nonglait

4.      Mr. Hera Singh

5.      Mr. Charles Synrem

6.      Mr. Sarat Chettri

7.      Ms. Camelia Kharsyntiew

8.      Ms. Yvonne Nongrum