Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science, both Pass and Honours were introduced in 1978 and 1980 respectively with affiliation from the North Eastern Hill University.

The College offers Honours in the following subjects:

1. Physics   4.   Botany
2. Mathematics   5.  Zoology
3. Chemistry   6.  Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

Students are offered the following subject combinations in Pure Science:

Physics 1. Mathematics
  2. Chemistry
Mathematics 1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
Chemistry 1. Mathematics
  2. Physics


Students are offered the following subject combinations in Life Science:

Chemistry 1. Zoology
  2. Botany
Botany 1. Chemistry
   2. Zoology
Zoology 1. Chemistry
  2. Botany


Saint Mary’s College, recognizing the significance of vocational education, offers Honours in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics (C N & D). The course was introduced with effect from 2001 session and received its permanent affiliation in 2008. Student can opt for this subject with the following combination of Pass subjects

Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics 1. Chemistry
  2. Zoology


Please Note

  • Apart from the Elective subjects, the following subjects are compulsorily:
  1. General English Paper I (For the first year students)
  2. Environmental studies (for the third year students)
  3. Value Education: Moral Ethics/Catechism/Scripture.
  4. Field trip for student s of Zoology, Botany and CN&D.