Department of Khasi

The Department of Khasi is one of the oldest departments of the College starting right from 1937. Students belonging to the Khasi Jaintia community took Khasi as a vernacular subject. Gradually Modern Indian Language (MIL) replaced the vernacular subject and in 1976 Honours course in Khasi language and Elective Khasi as an elective subject were introduced. The Department has a large number of students offering Khasi Honours, Khasi MIL and Elective Khasi in the three-year degree course.

Faculty Profile:

Name and Qualifications Designation Date of Join
Ms.Theresia Marbaniang, M.A. HOD 08.09.81
Ms.Irene M.Nongbet, M.A.,B.Ed. Selection Grade Lecturer 15.06.96
Ms.Balarihun Kshiar, M.A.,NET Junior Grade Lecturer 06.12.04
Ms.Occyliana M Syiemiong, M.A.,NET Junior Grade Lecturer 01.04.08
Ms.Lahunshisha.Warjri, M.A. Guest Lecturer 01.08.06
Ms Diana Shadap   01.04.10
Ms Evaris L. Lyngdoh   01.06.12

Avenues and Prospects:
Khasi literature is in a progressing stage and the department is shouldering the responsibility of imparting knowledge to the students for the furtherance of the Khasi language and literature with the change of time. The Department is also paving the way for various perspectives, in the fields of Mass Media and communications, broadcasting, cinema and documentary film, journalism, translations, publication and the like. The Honours course in Khasi, would give new aspirations to students to pursue higher studies and specializations. The area for research work in the Khasi language and literature such as Linguistics, Folkloristics and culture is vast for future successful scholars to explore. Their achievements in different fields would in turn be valuable contributions to the progress of Khasi language and literature.