Department of Physics

 Faculty Profile

Name and Qualifications Designation Specialization Date of Join
Dr. (Ms) Estherly.M.L.Buam, M.Sc.,Ph.D Selection Grade Lecturer, HOD Experimental and Theoretical Nuclear Physics 15.04.85
Ms Rosy Das M.Sc Selection Grade Lecturer   15.06.85
Dr. (Ms) Basabdutta Dey Chowdhury, M.Sc., Ph.D Selection Grade Lecturer Theoretical Nuclear Physics 01.09.97
Mr. Charles G. Synrem M.Sc. Lecturer   01.06.05
Ms. Doreen Anabell War     01.04.11
Mr. Terrance O. Thangkiew     01.07.13

Avenues and Prospects :
Physics offers challenging, exciting and productive careers. Physics opens doors for many employment opportunities in academic realm as well as in fields like Medical Physics, laboratory technology, forensic science, Meteorology, System Analysis, Geo Physics, Flight Management Analysis, Astronomy, Space Technology etc. Many Physics graduates go into research and development sections of hi-tech industry such as optp-electronics, computing, telecommunication, material science, motor vehicle technology and a host of emerging research fields of this century.