Department of English

The Department of English had its beginning in 1937 right from the time of the foundation of the College. Many teachers have joined and taught the subject with excellence and the Department has blossomed under the care of all these teachers, both past and present and it is hoped that students passing out from this Department will go forward to achieve greater things in their personal and professional life.

The Department at present has 7 full time teachers against sanctioned posts.


Name & Qualifications Designation Date of Join
Ms. Toony Gill, M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil. Selection grade Lecturer, HOD 01/11/86
Ms. Indari. S. Warjri, M.A. Selection Grade Lecturer  01.07.93
Dr. (Ms.) Jubanlak Sutnga, M.A. Selection Grade Lecturer 16.08.99
Dr. (Ms.) Ellerine. Diengdoh, M.A. Selection Grade Lecturer 11.11.02
Ms. Naomi C. Nonglait, MA, NET Selection Grade Lecturer 01.07.05
Mr. Joshua S. Rynjah, MA, M. Phd Selection Grade Lecturer 01.04.08
Ms. Bibiana Ryntathiang, MA, NET Guest Lecturer 01.05.12
Ms. Philarisa Warjri, M.A.,NET Guest Lecturer 03.06.09
Ms. Daiarisa. Rumnong, MA, NET Guest Lecturer 13.12.13

Avenues and Prospects:

The study of English both as a language and as literature opens up vast field of options for the English honours students in terms of avenues and prospects. In this age of globalization there is a great demand for certain skills such as communication skills, writing skills, creativity and translation both in the business and the education sector. Added to these options there are also competitive exams in the country which have English as a compulsory paper. Some of the fields which English Honours graduates can enter are:

  1. Publishing and its allied sectors such as Editing and so on.
  2. Journalism
  3. Hospitality and Tourism.
  4. Television and Radio
  5. Website Content Development
  6. Advertising and its allied sectors such as Copywriting.
  7. Teaching in educational institutes as well as in Corporate Training Institutes.
  8. Creative writing for Publishing Houses.
  9. Translation