Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science started in 2003 in order to keep pace with the new challenges of education faced by the College. The Department offers two courses i.e. the Bachelor of Computer Application (B.C.A.) Honours and the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at pass level. The Department has also introduced the Computer Awareness Programme (CAP), which is a twenty days certificate course aimed at providing basic computer skills to all students at the entry level. Over these years approximately 1000 number of students has gained competence in the use of computers through the CAP.

Name and Qualifications Designation Specialisation Date of Join
Mr. Sameer Kr.Gurung,  M.C.A. Head of Department Networking 07.06.02
Mr. Dipankar Debnath, M.Sc.(C.S.) Junior Grade Lecturer Combinatorics,Data Structure 16.06.03
Ms. Bonani Paul, M.C.A. Junior Grade Lecturer Web Technologies 01.08.08
Mr. Ajoy Dutta,  M.Sc.(I.T.) Junior Grade Lecturer Dot Net Technologies 01.04.11
Ms. Edith Lawryniang, M.Sc(Maths)     01.10.11
Ms. Poonam Pradhan, M.C.A Lecturer Web Technologies 13.02.13
Mr. Bernard  Nongpoh, M.Tech(IT) Lecturer Data Science, Web Technologies 15.06.13
Mr. Kitboklang Laloo Lecturer   09.07.13

The total meaning of education is not only to impart knowledge, but also to produce skilled individuals competent enough to meet the requirements of the times. BCA is a vocational course introduced by NEHU keeping in mind the employments problems that plague the country. Students graduating with BCA as an honours paper can avail opportunities in the field of:

  1. Teaching
  2. Software Development
  3. System Administration
  4. System Analysis
  5. Website Development
  6. Research in the field of Information Technology.