Girl Guiding is one of the oldest, most effective, highly regarded and widespread youth organization in the world to play an important part in the contributing to the education of students. The aim of the movement is “Character Development of the Individuals through natural and artificial means”. Scout and Guide movements in India is seen as one of the most effective means for the forming of character and inculcating qualities necessary for good citizenship. The Rangers Team of the college has rendered service on different occasions both within the college as well as at the state level. Its programmes include participation in Blood donation, Immunisation Programmes, Cleaning drives, trekking and others. The Ranger Team of the college comprises of the following teachers as Rangers Leaders:
1. Ms. Cathleen Pyngrope
2. Ms. Barikor Warjri
3. Ms. Naomi Nonglait
4. Ms. Balarihun Kshiar
5. Ms Anjeline Rynjah (Aspiring Ranger Leader)
6. Ms. Bibiana Ryntathiang (Aspiring Ranger Leader)