History of the College


Run by the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions or RNDM (Religieux Notre Dame des Missions), an international religious congregation, Saint Mary’s College, Shillong, a Catholic Church Institution of higher learning was established in 1937. Historically, the life of Saint Mary’s College has its umbilical cord connected to the parent institute of Saint Mary’s Convent which in turn had its headquarter in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

The Role and Objectives of the College prepared and framed by the vast province for Saint Mary’s Convent/ College in 1935-37, adopted by subsequent councils of the re- delineated Indian Province were documented and registered as the Memorandum of Association of the Congregation under Act XXI of 1860 in July, 1973.

In 1936, a team of dedicated educationists in the persons of (L) Mother M. St. Eusebius Ryder, (L) Mother M. Cathrine Bologna, (L) Mother M. St. Munchin and (L) Mother M. St. Candide were missioned to carry out the spadework, and to establish the college on a firm footing.

(L) Mother Mary St. Rudolphe, (New Zealander) local superior of the Convent (1937- 1943) was mandated to function as the first College Principal. After Mother Rulolphe, the succeeding Principals are:

S.No. Name of the Principal Duration
1 (L) Mother Mary St. Desmond O’ Hara, Irish 1944 - 1947
2 (L) Mother Mary de Sales, New Zealander 1947 - 1954
3 (L) Mother Mary St. Irene, New Zealander 1954 - 1958
4 (L) Mother Mary St. Anne D’A, Capaldi, Italian 1958 - 1986
5 (L) Sister Germaine, Indian 1986 - 1996
6 Dr. Sister Philomena Kharakor, Indian 1996 - 2007
7 Dr. Sister Isabella Kyrsian, Indian 2007 - 2013
8 Dr. Sister Mary Harriet, Indian 2013 - till date

The Sisters thus embarked on an efficacious mission to cater to the dire needs for higher education and training for the tribal women of the region in particular and to all women irrespective of religion, caste or community who solicit admission. The College was affiliated to the Calcutta University in 1937 and subsequently to the Gauhati University (1948- 49) and North Eastern Hill University (1973- 74). Overcoming the hurdles of its ups and downs, right from its inception, the College was blessed by dedicated administrators and visionaries.Stage by stage, with the collective endeavour of reputed teachers of calibre and a mixture of bright and average students, the academic performances of the College gained prominence in the region.The reputation of the College in the region and in the educational world has earned wide recognition. In November, 2004 the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) awarded an ‘A’ Grade to it and it was re- accredited as an ‘A’ Grade institution in January, 2011.


Saint Mary’s College derives its name from the Blessed Virgin Mary, the perfect icon of womanhood. The administrative and teaching staffs are expected to forge the Marian virtues of zeal, quality and integrity in the hearts of the teaming young women passing through the portals of the College. The letters RNDM embossed in the center, stands for the religious order of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions dedicated to Mary, the Lady of Grace and Virtue.

The ivy branches signify continuity, growth and openness to change. Surrounding the Ivy branches, we find the words ‘Virtue’ & ‘Knowledge’ chiseled out the rock objectives of the Institute.

The tri- colour, red, white and blue associated with the uniform of RNDM schools exude poise, strength and clarity of mind.