Impulse NGO and Twitter - #voiceoftheeast

On the 16th March 2019, the 6th Semester students from the Department of Economics and the 4th Semester students from the Department of Political Science were accompanied by their respective faculty members- Ms Annette R. Lyngdoh (Department of Economics) and Ms Sabrina P. Bamon (Department of Political Science) to #VoiceoftheEast organised by Impulse NGO Network in collaboration with Twitter India held at State Convention Centre, Shillong. A welcome address was delivered by Gordon J. Thabah, a radio personality, emcee and music educator followed by an introduction of Twitter by Ms Payal Kamat. Ms. Emarine Kharbhih gave a short introduction of Impulse NGO Network. This was followed by two panel discussions namely, “Agenda 2019” and “Youth, Social Media and Elections”. There was an interactive session between the panelists and the students. Further, students were given an awareness about an application cVigil and its uses in promoting free and fair elections. The  programme   concluded  with  a  performance   from  the  bandSummersalt followed by a vote of thanks.