Library Awareness and Development Cell

Comprised of the Librarian, Library Assistant, the teachers, as well as student representatives, the Cell aims to keep track of the availability of course material in the Library in keeping with the changes implemented in the syllabus by UGC, encourage the students and create awareness among them on the uses of the Library resources and maintain as well as update records of the Library holdings at regular intervals.

The members are

  1. Ms. Petunia Kharwanlang (Co-ordinator)
  2. Ms. Neerja Mishra
  3. Ms. Indari S. Warjri
  4. Ms. Manjumoni B. Tiwari
  5. Ms. Nirupama James
  6. Ms. Brigitta Kharsyntiew (Librarian)
  7. Ms. Wandaphun Lyngdoh (Library Assistant)