The NSS movement in Saint Mary's College started in 1974 – 75.The National Service Scheme with its motto “Not Me But You” underlines that the welfare of an individual is ultimately dependant on the welfare of the society as a whole. The main objective of the NSS is to develop the personality of the volunteers through community service. It aims at inculcating amongst the volunteers a spirit of team- work, service to the community they live in, character building which ultimately leads to the development of their personality. The NSS unit of the college regularly conducts a number of activities which such as Cleaning Drives, AIDS awareness programmes, Blood donation, observing important days such as World Environment Day and so on. The college unit comprises of the teachers as the Programme Officers and the students as the registered volunteers.

The teachers in charge are:

1. Ms. Iasuk Kharumnuid
2. Ms. Evangelene Lamare
3. Mr. Gunamani Sinha
4. Mr. Wallamkupar Dkhar.